About the Block Producer Validator

How it works

  • The list of block producers is generated by those who ran "regproducer".
  • Using the base URL provided in the regproducer, chains.json is requested to determine the URL of the bp.json file specific to the network. If chains.json does not exist, then the default filename is used (see the Network Information page for the default name).
  • Data from each block producer is re-checked approximately every 30 minutes.

How are server versions determined? Why are some not considered current?

The list of version numbers is maintained by hand for each network. The list also specifies which versions are considered current vs out-of-date. Generally the last 2 to 3 versions are considered current, although if a long time passes with out a new version being issued or there is a critical issue, then only latest version is considered current.


To report an issue or request for change:

  • Contact the person responsible for the network in question (see the Network Information page), or
  • Report an issue on GitHub