Report for MotionEOS

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General Infobp.json is re-validated approximately every 30 minutes, last updated at=<2019-02-23 02:42 UTC>
General Infovoting rank, value=<83>
Regproducerregproducer signing key test passed
Regproducernot a valid 3 digit country code, value=<0>, see=<>
Regproducerbasic checks passed, field=<main web site>, resource=<resources/regproducer_url>, url=<>
Organizationmissing Access-Control-Allow-Origin header, field=<CHAINS JSON>, url=<>, see=<>
Organizationreceived unexpected content_type, value=<text/html>, field=<CHAINS JSON>, url=<>, see=<>
Organizationmissing Access-Control-Allow-Origin header, field=<BP info JSON URL>, url=<>, see=<>
Organizationno value given, field=<>
Organizationproducer_public_key is not useful, field=<producer_public_key>, see=<>
Organizationtrailing slash is not required, field=<>, url=<>
OrganizationURL redirected, field=<>, url=<>, redirected to response_url=<>
Organizationbasic checks passed, field=<>, resource=<resources/website>, url=<>
Organizationno URL given, field=<org.code_of_conduct>
Organizationno URL given, field=<org.ownership_disclosure>
Organizationvalid country code, value=<China>, field=<org.location>
Organizationbasic checks passed for location, value=<CN, Taiwan>, field=<org.location>
Organizationnot a object, field=<org.branding>
Organizationvalid social reference, field=<>
Organizationvalid social reference, field=<>
Organizationvalid social reference, field=<>
Organizationvalid social reference, value=<motionsocial>, field=<>
Organizationvalid social reference, value=<motion_cn>, field=<>
Organizationvalid social reference, field=<>
Organizationvalid social reference, field=<>
Organizationnot a valid 2 letter country code using only uppercase letters, value=<Au>, field=<node[0].location>, see=<>
Endpointscannot connect to peer, field=<node[0].p2p_endpoint>, host=<>, port=<443>
Endpointsis_producer is deprecated use instead 'node_type' with one of the following values ['producer', 'full', 'query', 'seed'], field=<node[0].is_producer>
Endpointsendpoints provided (producer should be private), field=<node[0]>
Endpointsno full nodes provided, see=<>
Endpointsno seed nodes provided, see=<>
Endpointsproducer node(s) provided, count=<1>
Endpointsno HTTP or HTTPS API endpoints provided in any node
Endpointsno valid P2P or BNET endpoints provided in any node; see above messages
On-Chainbp.json has not been provided on-chain, contract=<producerjson>, see=<>
On-Chainblacklist has not been provided on-chain, contract=<theblacklist>, see=<>
On-Chainheartbeat has not been provided on-chain, contract=<eosheartbeat>, see=<>