Report for candyairdrop

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General Infobp.json is re-validated approximately every 30 minutes, last updated at=<2019-05-25 13:52 UTC>
General Infovoting rank, value=<260>
Regproducerregproducer key is assigned to an account; better to use a dedicated signing key, post_data=<{"json": true, "public_key": "EOS7igDXf5GeHjVXgyS6UtzYUJpbqBmvXhE6Mzw4DR2s6UvqoYDcR"}>, see=<>
Regproducervalid country code, value=<Albania>
Regproducerbasic checks passed, field=<main web site>, resource=<resources/regproducer_url>, url=<>
Chains.jsoninvalid URL, value=<404 Not Found>, field=<chains json>, url=<>, see=<>
Organizationinvalid URL, value=<404 Not Found>, field=<BP info JSON URL>, url=<>